Who do you want as President?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who do you want for President of the United States?!

So y'all, it's that time again, not Friday for partying, but time for voting! The question is who do YOU want?! I'll take a VERY QUICK look at Obama, Newt, Santorum, and Romney. So I'll link you their election web site to help you out ;).

Do you want President Obama to keep doing what he's doing? He's been in office over 3 years now...are you better off now than you were four years ago? (famous line by Reagan)

- He killed Osama.
- Passed Health care Reform Bill (half of the US doesn't want it, but that's only half).
- We are out of Iraq. He did deliver on this promise.
- More Illegal aliens have been arrested and deported during his administration.
- The catastrophe that is "Fast-and-Furious" took place while in office.
- 9% unemployment (no president since FDR has been re-elected with that).
- Federal government and debt has grown a great deal under him.
- Link to Obama's reelection campaign, http://www.barackobama.com/

Or do you want Newt?! He has experience in Washington and knows how the game works. He has done fantastic in the debates while others have done OK, messed up horribly, or just embarrassed themselves (Perry). But he has a LOT of baggage from his past!

- Headed the GOP when it reduced the federal debt and gave the American people a surplus.
- He worked with Clinton, which shows he can reach across the isle to get work done.
- He wants to greatly reduce the Dep. of Education and give the states the power to do pretty much as they please.
- Wants to completely revamp the tax policy and he also wants to reform health care in some ways.
- He has flipped on somethings (global warming hes doing a 180 lately).
- Has a LOT of ideas, some good (finical reforms) and some that worry me like making judges answer why they ruled why they did, I'm on the fence about it. <---should make people really think about what could happen if that became law.
- Here is a link to is election campaign, http://www.newt.org/

And for everybody's favorite professional looking candidate, Romney! He's been running for office since 2008 and is considered to be the eventual GOP candidate. He has flip-flopped a lot also. Has been a Governor and is a self made millionaire (knows business) and is ready to step into the role, but he still looks to polished and acts to robotic to many.

- Flip-flops, more than an actual pair of flip-flops
- Has business experience
- Is a moderate, and is only pandering to the far right for the primaries.
- His plans come off "bland" to some
- Some of his ideas are thought to be very threatening to America, currency wars with China and starting a war with Iran.
- Has experience in public and private sector, understands how a business operates and knows to to run large corporations.
- Link to his website! http://www.mittromney.com/

Finally we come to Rick Santorum. Hes been low on the totem poll the entire time, but he has been a consistent candidate and has also been a senator and knows how Washington works. He sticks by what he says and doesn't back down. I chose him because he has a strong following and has good ideas. If he does well in Iowa he will stick around for the primaries.

- Wants to repeal ObamaCare and reform it a different way.
- Supports gun rights.
- Against gay marriage.
- Against all forms of abortion, he's taken a lot of hits for that stance. Many Americans support it in cases of rape or incest.
- He isn't one who wants to compromise. At all it would seem from how he speaks.
- And the link to his election site! http://www.ricksantorum.com/

I didn't bother with Paul, Huntsman, or Bachmann. Paul would be too isolationist and his views are considered very radical. Huntsman doesn't appeal enough to many voters and has consistently been low on most polls. Bachmann appeal to independents and is very unwilling to compromise.


  1. I dont know much about american politics, but i do know that obama isnt as religion focused as other politicians (like bush, "atheist cant be patriot"!).
    So id say obama since rationalism is important.

  2. As Coding above, I'm not american so I don't know too much about these guys. I don't think Obama have made it worse while being president at least, so keeping him would be too bad I guess.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Its always good to get every opinion in the game when it comes to the office of the President!

  4. me not being an american i wouldn't know who to vote for. newt gingrich? ll

  5. No Americans yet strangley but thanks for the comment! :D

  6. I don't know who is the best...


  7. I think for anyone who is pretty much satisfied with the way things are now, both Romney and Obama would be acceptable choices. They are both competent, decent men who will try to improve the nation in small incremental changes. For anyone who doesn't really have any stake in society, might as well take a chance, and go with Dr. Ron Paul who is the only candidate who would attempt to bring radical change.

  8. To be honest I don't live in America so the presidency doesn't effect me as much but I do want to learn more, now following!

  9. Definitely Romney.
    I think Obama has done a decent job as president, and he's only been in charge for 4 years, but it might be time for a change.
    Change isn't always a good thing, but call me optimistic, because I think that's the only way forward at this point. Obama has taken us as far as we can go really.

  10. I think it will end up being Romney as the canidate for the GOP. And a lot of Americans are starting to lose their "hope" and the want for change. But whoever gets elected...I just hope they get something done and stop screwing evertyhing up! Thanks for the following and comments y'all!!

  11. Decent stuff here, interested in seeing more. Followed

  12. I don't know about you guys, but a free pony would suffice greatly.

  13. Replies
    1. I have to admit...Ron Paul sticks to what he says and believes and is donig a LOT better than I ever thought he would...much better than 2008! Thanks for comment!

  14. I don't vote in the US but if I had to I woulg go for Ron Paul

    1. Lots of people outside the US seem to be either for Ron Paul or Romeny or just have the feeling of "Obama is already in might as well keep him" lol. Thanks for the post!

  15. I don't live in the US but I would vote for Ron Paul. He is the most consistent of all candidates (his voting record in congress shows this).